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      Micro-needle punching machine

      Product introduction

      More than the sea fort microporous machine can be used for printing of bag making machine, square bottom valve bag making machine, laminating machine, sealing machine.

      Microporous are widely used in the weaving industry. In industrial packaging filling valve pocket powder spray ash, powder leakage can be perfectly solved, the loading process is also more in line with the requirements of environmental protection; And shall not affect the printed page aesthetic and small bag body tension damage good moistureproof performance advantages. Between bag and woven bag lined with breathable, sealed bag of multilayer middle breathable, can use high density of pores is resolved. Many mining application solutions for customers, to inquire.

      According to industry demand needle hole 64 hole / cm2 squared, 81 hole/ cm2 squared, coated with high 1.0 mm or 1.5 mm needle woven bag, three composite and multi-layer bag needle high 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm. 100% imported from Germany steel needle, needle of a complete set of ring is provided by strategic partner European companies and joint venture process make needlepoint roughness 0.05 mm or less, uniformity through 0.10 mm or less.

      Product application:

      Laminating machine, bag making machine -- - (graphic equipment)

      Sealing machine, printing machine --- (Another poll)

       Technical parameters:

      Device name

      Micro needle punching machine

      Equipment model


      Piercings maximum width


      Needle set width


      Piercings density

      64 hole /cm2 81 hole /cm2

      The needle diameter


      Pinpoint smoothness


      Piercings evenness


      The depth of the trimming

      0.33mm/ circle 0.055mm/ engraved

      In her work


      The power supply


      The motor power


      Overall dimensions


      The weight of the



      The bag body ventilation quantity
      reference 120m3/h
      According to size of bag making, filling
      machine pressure or clients match adjust
      the bag making the production process to
      use breathable instrument testing air
      volume of the company

       Configuration list:

      Steel needle

      Imported from Germany


      Condi teck

      Rubber roller

      Φ 200mm

      Thick layer of induction

      Automatic needle back protection

      Quick release function

      Facilitate the needle set maintenance replacement

      Security guard

      And safe organic glass cover, convenient for observation

       Effect of punch

       Germany imported steel needle

       Not playing microporous bagged cement loading

       Not dozen microporous bagged cement unloading

       Hito Top Microporous machine made by cement bag, there would be no powder filling the powder leakage

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